korean carrot crepes

Spicy Kimchi and Carrot crepes

korean carrot crepesKorean Kimchi has been front and centre of my attention this year, I am hooked on this crunchy, spicy, nutritious condiment.  You really do have to love something that tastes so good, is simple to make, and is good for you.  My https://freshkitchen.co.nz/kimchi-everyday/ has become my go to condiment, and this is another way of including it in my every day meals.

The inspiration for these crepes comes from “Green Kitchen At Home” by David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl, a beautiful book that is high on my wish list.

These are great to have as a sharing, construct-it-yourself-at-the-table meal, or you can make and wrap them in advance, put a little extra dressing in a jar and take for a picnic or packed lunch.  The crepes are light, easy to eat and delicious, complimenting the ingredients and holding together perfectly.

I love that by adding carrots to the crepe batter, it adds colour and extra vegetables into my life. I used the blender to make my crepe mix and the carrot was completely blended in, giving the batter a beautiful golden colour.  I think it would also look beautiful if you finely grate the carrot and make the mix with a whisk so you can see the shreds of carrot in the batter.

I bought a beautiful big organic chicken for this and cooked it with hoisin sauce and garlic. I used only the breasts for these crepes and now have the carcass quietly boiling away to make bone broth and there is still chicken meat left for one if not two light meals.  An organic chicken is an investment that respects both your health, (and the animals), and as with any meat it needs to be cooked and treated with respect and without waste.  You could easily replace the chicken with beef (or marinated tofu) in your crepes, all options would be equally delicious.

This simple meal consists of an Asian inspired slaw, your Kimchi and some spicy creamy sauce all wrapped in a simple carrot crepe. For your sauce you could use my https://freshkitchen.co.nz/best-ever-chilli-and-orange-tahini-sauce/  ,or perhaps a peanut satay sauce, or a smear of spicy peanut butter and you have a delicious meal.  This is warm enough for winter and light enough when you are starting to feel weary of heavy winter meals! Perfect when the sky is blue the hills are covered in snow!  Perfect food for sharing on perfect winter days.


This will make enough for 10-12 smallish crepes and is easily doubled.  It needs to rest for at least half an hour after blending and will need a quick whisk before you make your crepes (it will successfully keep in the refrigerator for several days, if you need to make it in advance or don’t use all the batter in one go)


  • 3 Free range eggs
  • 250 ml milk of choice
  • 90 grams brown rice flour
  • 50 grams finely grated carrot
  • pinch salt
  • 1 Tbsp butter or oil of choice to add to batter
  • Extra butter or oil to cook your crepes

Place all ingredients in a bowl or your food processor/blender and blend to combine.

You can make these and hold until you are ready to eat or even refrigerate for the next day.



korean carrot crepes

korean carrot crepes

korean carrot crepesASIAN SLAW


  • 2 cups each red and white cabbage or other crunchy greens
  • 1 carrot julienned or coarsely grated
  • 2 cups of your choice of other crunchy vegetables such as sprouts, snow peas, peppers, cucumber, radishes…..
  • Handful of asian herbs such as coriander, mint, vietnamese mint.  Save some herbs aside to sprinkle over the rolls when you are assembling them
  • 1 Tbsp freshly grated ginger
  • 2 Tbsp lime juice
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce or soy sauce for vegan option
  • 1 tbsp sweetener of choice
  • 1/2 a red chilli finely chopped (or more to your taste)
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 cup roasted peanuts tossed in chilli oil. (Use 1/2 in the salad and save some to sprinkle over rolls as they are made.)

Start by mixing all the slaw dressing ingredients in the bottom of a large mixing bowl.  Check your seasoning, (it should be a balance of sweet, sour, salt and spice), then give a final correction to your taste. As always, you need this to be slightly stronger in flavours so as to carry through the whole salad.

Chop your salad ingredients, remembering that you will need to wrap them in a roll, so long shreds works better than chunks!

Pile all your salad ingredients on top of the dressing and either put aside till you are ready to eat or mix thoroughly together and put aside.  Because these are all fairly robust ingredients it will hold for several hours.

korean carrot crepes


Collect together, crepes, marinated tofu slices, chicken or beef shredded, slaw, kimchi, creamy dressing extra peanuts and herbs

You can now either make these assembly line fashion and wrap for a picnic or packed lunch or plate the ingredients individually and serve at the table so everyone can make their own rolls.korean carrot crepes





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