Goan fish curry parcel

Week Night Indian Spiced Fish Parcels


goan spiced fish parcelsMid week meals need to simple, quick and versatile.  This is a new addition to our rotation and has been dubbed by the men in my house delicious and blog worthy.  As always I am very susceptible to flattery so it will definitely stay on the menu.  More than flattery though will keep it on our table,! It works because it can be changed up in a number of ways – you can change the variety of fish you use – branch out and try fish you haven’t cooked before or a cheaper variety. It has worked for me using whatever fish is most affordable, or available on the day, and even try mixed fish in the parcel – maybe prawns too!  You can also play with the vegetables you put in here as long as nothing requires more than the quickest cooking.  The coconut cream and the spices carry through the parcels and make it all delicious.

The idea for this came from a conversation with a friend Jean Foster in Raeward Fresh, with a verbal recipe given – time and my memory being what it is this may have strayed far from Jeans original recipe but it has certainly led to some delicious dinners and for that I thank you Jean!

I am lucky enough to have some of Jen’s Cozinhas Goan fish curry powder, and I would certainly recommend your searching this out if you live in New Zealand.  For those not lucky enough to use Jens spice mix, I am sure that your favourite curry powder – (that being the one in your spice rack!) – will create delicious fish parcels.

Although I love cooking Indian meals and have in the past spent days creating great feasts for family and friends, that is not week night cooking, so to be able to bring those flavours to a quick meal using a pre mixed spice blend is genius in my life.


Perfect for one person or many.

Pre heat oven to 200′ C


  • Your fish of the day for the number of people required
  • 1-2 tablespoons of coconut cream/milk per parcel
  • 1/2 tsp curry powder per parcel
  • 1 handful of raw vegetables such as spinach, courgette, tomato,
  • or pre cooked vegetables such as broccoli, or green beans per parcel
  • Salt to lightly season
  • Large square of tin foil per person to wrap fish.

Set your squares of foil on the bench

In the centre of each square place your chosen handful of vegetables e.g. spinach, tomato and finely sliced courgette and sprinkle lightly with your spice mix.

goan fish curry parcelsOn top of the vegetables place your fish portions and dust again with spice mix, and season lightly with salt.goan fish curry parcels

goan fish curry parcels

Draw the sides of the foil up leaving space at the top of each one to then pour in your coconut cream/milk.goan fish curry parcels

Finish wrapping the parcels with the seam side up to prevent leakage.

Give each parcel a gentle shake to mix the coconut cream/milk and spices around and place on a baking tray.

Cook for  approximately fifteen minutes depending on the volume and thickness of the fish. Check by carefully opening one of the parcels and  using the blade of a knife open a gap in the fillet and check that the fish flakes and is no longer translucent in the middle.  Once cooked I like to rest the parcels for 5-10 minutes for the flavours to develop.  This also gives me time to set the table and get anything else needed ready.

I serve these parcels with plain steamed rice or fragrantly spiced rice, and simply tip the fish on to my plate at the table.goan fish curry parcel

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  1. Hi Anne, I want to try cooking our fish meal in this way, it makes my mouth water reading your recipe.
    Can you tel me if Jen’s Fish curry powder is available in Queenstown?

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