black rice and coconut breakfast

Easy and Delicious Black Rice and Coconut Breakfast

black rice coconut brekfastSo easy and so delicious. This is creamy, chewy, sweet, and slightly exotic tasting – this is breakfast heaven.  I realise now that I am very late to the black rice breakfast idea, traditional in some cultures and popular on cafe menus, but now I have tried it I am a convert and I can see no reason why I am not going to eat this for desert as well.

The black rice has an amazing flavour and natural perfume as it cooks, it is slightly sweet and even though this particular brand of rice is from Italy it is very reminiscent of Asian flavours.  I have cooked it today with cardamon as this is the flavour I had been wanting, but I love the idea of lemongrass, lime and ginger served with mango, or sweet cinnamon and nutmeg, or vanilla….  Go wild but  please let me know what  flavours you enjoy!

The grains of this rice are slightly short and round with a  wonderful chewy quality that you find in brown rice, which makes it feel substantial enough to fuel your morning.

I followed the rules as I read them (soaking my rice over night), this makes the rice easier to digest and faster to cook but is not absolutely necessary.  If you don’t soak the rice it will need more water and an extra half an hour or so to cook.  The cooking process is a little like risotto (but without the fuss), adding water and coconut milk and cooking until most of the liquid has reduced or has been incorporated and the rice is cooked.  If you need to you can add more water (in the last five to ten minutes) to lengthen the cooking time, ensuring the rice is cooked through and it has a thick, soupy, wet porridge consistency. This really does look much better than I make it sound – dark, shiny, creamy and exotic.



serves 4


  • 1 cup black rice (soaked overnight if possible) I used and love the Riso Toro Black Rice of Italy, which is available at Raeward Fresh.
  • 1 425 gm can of coconut milk
  • 1/2 water for soaked rice, or 1 1/2 cups with un soaked rice
  • pinch sea salt
  • Optional – 1/4 teaspoon cardamon seeds or ground cardamon. You can do what ever takes your imagination here or leave it natural, it is still an amazing flavoured rice
  • 1 Tbsp sweetener of choice (I didn’t use any as this rice is naturally sweet and fragrant but think a little sweetener would make it even more delicious)
  • Seasonal fresh fruit to serve on top
  • Crunchy toppings such as seeds, nuts, my Everyday Nut and Seed Mix and a Clever Quick Biscuit , toasted coconut…
  • Coconut yoghurt, Breakfast to Desert – Cashew Nut, Coconut Chia Cream, or your usual favourite yogurt.
  • Maple syrup or coconut nectar to drizzle over.

Start by soaking your rice, I simply covered the rice with water and left it on the bench over night.

Rinse your rice well and add it to a medium sized pot (large enough to contain boiling water, rice and coconut milk).

Add water, coconut milk, cardamon seeds (or ground cardamon), pinch of salt.

Bring to a gentle boil and stir regularly.  As the water evaporates and the mixture thickens you will need to stir more often. Soaked rice will take about half an hour to cook. Unsoaked rice may take forty five minutes to an hour to cook depending on how rapidly you have it boiling.

Taste after about 25 minutes and add sweetener as desired, keep a watchful eye and stir until it is fully cooked.  It may need a little extra water, so be prepared to add tablespoons of boiling water to keep your rice to the consistency of porridge.   Your rice will continue to firm up a little off the heat so don’t cook until dry.

You can now eat this straight away warm or leave to cool and even portion it out into jars to eat over the next few mornings rice and coconut breakfast

Thank you as always, and enjoy your time in the kitchen.  I look forward to the next time.


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